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Get direct, one-on-one, access with an Attorney to answer your questions, evaluate your case/claim. You won’t have to hunt down the attorney on your case and settle for a secretary or receptionist to answer your important questions. When our clients need answers, they get them; and in a timely manner!

Honest Legal Advice

Clients receive honest & passionate backing from Ultimate Law Firm in tracking and recovering damages caused to personal property, vehicle(s)/automobile, time missed from work, costs for medication(s), future medical treatment, and more.

Specialized Lawyers

Ultimate Law Firm is highly skilled and experts in representing injured workers and individuals all around California. Our clients receive cherished micro attention to their case details and keen, zealous representation for compensation, benefits, and/or reimbursement.

1000+ Cases Won

As a Client, your matter MATTERS to us! Your case or claim will get the detailed effort and work it deserves – despite the size of the case. Each Client is equal and the representation put into each Client’s case or claim is mirrored.

Who We Are

Ultimate Law Firm provides well versed and deeply qualified and skilled representation and counsel in legal practice sectors of Personal Injury, Workers’ Compensation, and Employment related injuries and/or issues.

Attorney One-On-One Access


Working With Us

When working with us, this is what you should expect!


Here at Ultimate Law firm, we have highly skilled and experienced experts in representing injured workers and individuals all around California.


From your initial consultation forward, you will receive attorney-client privileged protection of your information giving you comfort and safety in obtaining a consultation and throughout your being represented by our office.

Fast Results

At Ultimate Law Firm, we do not leave your case sitting idle waiting around for an eventual settlement. We aggressively pursue all potential benefits and keep your case moving forward towards results! Even after your case settles there may be benefits that were not provided to you; we can help you obtain those benefits!

Free Consultation

If you are unsure whether you have a case or claim, please call us to obtain an ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE consultation one-on-one with an attorney who can provide you legal advice and guidance. You will be given valuable information which can provide you ease, knowledge, and protection! You have rights, regardless of your immigration status.

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Brandon has been introduced to me by one of his previous clients. He is the best, i had nothing to do or be worry about , provided him the information and signatures and next things i know was the big fat check.


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